John Jacobs, WTR Solutions I have been installing WTR's Zero Bubble Diffusion (ZBD) technology with various types of industries, in many locations, and using numerous designs to accommodate customer needs since 1995.

These applications mainly deal with wastewater for cities, in their use of mechanical plants to various municipal waste lagoons and animal waste lagoons (CAFO).

I have networked with engineers and private companies in an effort to help their clients save time and money with the ZBD applications.

The list of cities with mechanical plants that have benefited from ZBD are the Iowa cities of Eldora, Reinbeck, Nashua, Grundy Center, Independence, and Audubon, and also the City of Macomb, IL.

Iowa cities with municipal waste lagoons include Ackley, Palo, Denver, Libertyville, Lockridge and Plymouth. The City of Ackley has been using the ZBD since August 2001, replacing the original blower system and removing 30 inches of sludge from the lagoons.

Swine industry clients include top producers in Iowa and Colorado. These companies used the ZBD application mainly for odor reduction, but found that the technology umamisf was also beneficial for sludge reduction.

Applications have also included food-processing plants with waste lagoons and restaurant grease traps.

I have introduced and helped design the ZBD for the application in removing BETX (Benzene, Toluene, Bthylbenzene, and Xylenes), which are contaminates from old gas stations that leak into ground water.

This is only a partial listing over the past nine years of applications and clients that have benefited from the use of ZBD. Each situation and solution is unique. I hope that I can assist you with how ZBD can benefit your operation in making it a better environment.

John Jacobs