The Grimesland Swine Farm in Greenville, North Carolina, runs at a capacity of 400 finish hogs weekly. The fifteen year old, ten foot deep lagoon had settled sludge to a depth of five feet. The lagoon odor was the source of frequent complaints. The installation of three Fine Bubble Diffusion Units showed immediate results.

Primary Lagoon
Capacity 90,000 GAL
Depth 10 FT

Pretreatment Conditions
Extreme Odor
BOD 3238 PPM (2430 LBS BOD)
COD 9757 PPM
TSS 2700 PPM
Sludge Depth 5 FT

Post Treatment Conditions (After 21 Days)
No Odor (After 48 HRS)
BOD 571 PPM (428 LBS BOD)
COD 2527 PPM
TSS 2700 PPM
Sludge Depth 3.5 FT

Total Reduction Summary (After 21 Days)
Existing Waste 2002 LBS BOD
Waste Produced 3948 LBS BOD
Total BOD Controlled 5950 LBS BOD

Unit Performance Summary
Units Installed three 1/2HP Models
Waste Controlled 283 LBS BOD per Day
Oxygen Required 566 LBS per Day
Unit Performance 188 LBS Oxygen per Unit per Day