A large canning operation in Eastern Iowa had a one million gallon industrial waste lagoon filled to capacity with 100% sludge. The high strength waste consists of the byproducts of canned meat production, i.e. grease, fat, and vegetable matter. The installation of four WTR Units showed immediate results. The first photo was taken immediately after the WTR installtion into a one million gallon lagoon. The second photo shows the results of 60 days of aeration (click the photos for a larger image).

Primary Lagoon
Capacity 1,000,000 GAL
Sludge 1,000,000 GAL
Depth 10 FT

Pretreatment Conditions
Extreme Odor
BOD 8880 PPM (74,059 LBS BOD)

Post Treatment Conditions (After 60 Days)
No Odor
BOD 1830 PPM (15,262 LBS BOD)

Total Reduction Summary
Existing & New Waste 74,059 LBS BOD
Waste Remaining 15,262 LBS BOD
Total BOD Controlled 58,797 LBS BOD

Unit Performance Summary
Units Installed 4 3HP Model 600
Waste Controlled 980 LBS BOD per Day
Oxygen Required 1960 LBS per Day
Unit Performance 490 LBS Oxygen per Unit per Day